Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lord knows that I love me some Chick Tracts. My own vast collection reamins in Seattle, but Mr. Chick's online presence satisfies me when I'm jonsing for Jebus here in NYC.

Great news from Jack T. Chick!

All your faves have been redrawn AND rewritten for those of a duskier bent:

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Beginning this month, we are rolling out a new tract series with the same story but with black characters. We have taken some of our most popular Chick tracts and redrawn them with black characters. To avoid confusion in ordering, we have renamed them. Somebody Loves Me is called Hard Times.

Does this strike anyone else as creepy?

Maybe if all the lord-lubbers can be kept busy with ridiculous factionism, I will finally be free to marry a dog. Hallelujah.

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