Saturday, September 23, 2006

I'm a Furniture Hobo

Last night, after seeing the phenominal Jeffery Lewis Band and slumming it grand with new and amazing colleague Victoria, I encountered this in a garbage pile outside my glamorous Inwood apartment building:

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It was full of filth, and smelled like it had spent the 60-something years since its manufacture inside a cigar bar. Still, I loved its sexy rounded corners and deco handle, so I dragged it inside.

This morning, I hoofed it to my workshop for some rehab. It turned out that under the cigar-tar, the entire thing had been wrapped in gold-flecked contact paper:

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It's barely visible, but it was super dramatic at the time.

I peeled the crap off, stripped the paint, sanded it for consistant texure, and gave it a coat of paste wax.

I am quite happy with my new-n-free arts-n-crafts armoir:

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1 comment:

karen608 said...

oh too cool. i have some of these painted cabinets and taking them down to bare metal makes them so modern looking. Good job. Recycling furniture is good for the enviroment and the wallet. I have an end table my husband brought home from NYC trash, and we live in Iowa.