Friday, July 07, 2006

Gift Wrapping Room

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The widow of TV titan Aaron Spelling is not selling their 56,000-sq-foot home, The Manor, despite reports that emerged Wednesday that the estate was on the market for $150 million.

The Manor is built on rollers to make it through earthquakes unscathed. It houses four bars, three kitchens, a theater, a gym, an Olympic-size swimming pool, a doll museum, a separate servants' wing, a 6,000-sq.-ft. guest house, eight double-car garages, tennis courts, a gazebo, a greenhouse, 12 fountains, six formal gardens and a room just for gift wrapping

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This gift wrapping room does not belong to Candy Spelling.

From a Time interview with Aaron Spelling:

Q. You have a gift-wrapping room in your house, right?
A. My wife loves to wrap.
It could take her two hours to wrap one gift.
Then you find out it's for the pizza delivery man.

I feel like I should have recieved something from Candy by now.

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And the gift wrapping room buzz is unstoppable! Enjoy this Google-translated German blog item:

The thing with the Poison Wrapping Room that Spellings is legendarily since more than ten years ago in Vanity fair a picture area mentioned by Candy Spelling in appeared; it packs up the things themselves, bobbes, because “shopping and wrapping is therapeutic” (Candy). That Messuage of the Spellings in Bel air, there simply admits the largest as “The Manor”, was by the way long time.

Haw. Gift means poison in German. And now it makes sense.

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